AC Motors and Electric Cars

As more and more people are being discouraged by skyrocketing gas prices, fuel efficient cars are just not cutting it any more for the average American. Electric vehicles are seen by many as the wave of the future because of the decreased emissions that the electric cars have and most importantly the fact that they have no fuel cost associated with them. Energy efficient cars and electric cars differ in the way they operate as well as the way they are fueled. While Energy efficient hybrid cars still use fuel, electric vehicles are run completely gas free with the use of electric power. This will not only save you money on gas but also money on oil and from the dangers associated with these types of materials. In order to become a more environmentally friendly person you may want to take it upon yourself to buy an electric vehicle as well with an AC or DC Motor.

Many electric cars use an AC motor or a dc motor. The drawbacks of both of these types of motors are the wear and tear that one can put on them and the high maintenance that these motors require. Car manufacturers are improving upon the design of these motors so that they will require less maintenance and will last longer. Brushless DC motors are more durable than AC motors and are currently being used in all sorts of electric cars. These motors also require less maintenance and can supply more power but at a higher cost to the manufacturer and consumer. As more efficient ways of building the motors of electric cars come about the price of these motors will go down. Taking a chance and buying an electric car is a great way to help save the planet by keeping Earth cleaner.

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